Isle of Man Swimming Association

What we do

The Isle of Man Swimming Association (IOMSA) is the governing body for Aquatic Sport on the Isle of Man. The IOMSA's main responsibility is to focus on the current and future development of aquatic sport on the Isle of Man and maximise opportunities for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

  • Affiliated to British Swimming, Swim NorthWest and Lancashire County ASA
  • Responsibilities to aquatic sport encompass pool and open water swimming as well as water polo
  • Currently 4 affiliated Clubs: Douglas, Peel, Ramseian and Southern from which member of the Island Swimming Squad are drawn
  • Provides support and guidance to clubs
  • Engages the Head Coach and the Development Officer

Isle of Man Swimming Club (IOMSC)

IOMSC's role is to manage the Isle of Man Swimming Squad and arrange off-Island trips to swim meets and training camps. It's primary aim is to focus on the development of competitive swimming on the Island in a way that maximises the opportunities for any swimmer “to be the best they can”.

Committee Members

See the full list of IOMSA and IOMSC Committee Members on our Contact page.


The Isle of Man Swimming Association's Constitution has been approved by British Swimming.

View or download IOMSA Constitution June 2008

View or download IOMSC Constitution June 2012

Social Networking

The Isle of Man Swimming Club uses Facebook and Twitter to communicate and engage with its members and the community, as do many of the Island's swimming clubs. IOMSC now manages the following Facebook groups:

IOM Swim Squad - this is a closed group for squad swimmers and parents of swimmers only and an important tool for day to day communications.

Isle of Man Swimming - this is an open group and the public face of IOMSC, with information about the Club's activities.

View or download the Good Practice Guidelines on the use of Social Networking Sites by ASA Clubs and Club Members

  • Angela Katz, IOMSA Development Officer
    ANGELA KATZ, Development Officer